Re: Underground Idol x Raised in R*peture

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Release dateApr/28/2020
Last updatedJun/26/2020Update Information
Series name地下アイドル☓教辱育録
Voice Actor冬野めろん
Product formatVideoVoiceMusic
File formatApplication
MiscellaneousSimplified ChineseTraditional ChineseJapaneseEnglishDLsite Official Translation
GenreClothed 3D Works Girl Loli School Swimwear Ahegao/Gapeface Tiny Breasts Slender
File size1.03GB

Product summary

Show this bratty idol who’s boss!

Re: Underground Idol x Raised in R*peture [Nylon heart]

“Hochika” is an underground idol on the rise to fame.
Despite the pleasant smile she shows on stage, back at the office, she lets the popularity get to her head and refuses to do as she’s told.
One day, she finally falls for her fed-up, perverted manager’s trap.
Bursting with sexual frustration, it’s time for Manager to start showing her how to behave!

Re: Underground Idol x Raised in R*peture [Nylon heart]

Includes many costumes such as a school swimsuit, micro-bikini, and of course, idol outfits.
With various situations like blowjobs, punishment sex, bound vibrator play, and risky stimulation during livestreams, this underground idol has her whole body used as she’s trained to be more obedient.

Easy to use, with simple controls.

Re: Underground Idol x Raised in R*peture [Nylon heart]

All videos are automtically unlocked. You can play any chapters in whatever order you want!

Cuts can be skipped or returned to by clicking on the left and right sides of the video screen.

You can change cuts to “loop play” or “auto play” to enjoy them at whichever length you prefer.
*A small symbol will appear during loop play to indicate when the loop has restarted.

Comes with effects (Suited for advanced users?)

Re: Underground Idol x Raised in R*peture [Nylon heart]

Now available: “Effects” feature adds hearts to express Hochika’s body twinging with pleasure from the inside, as well as splash backgrounds to show her mind filled with thoughts of cum. You might find them to be an addicting feature. Please give them a try!


Re: Underground Idol x Raised in R*peture [Nylon heart]

This is a complete rework of our circle’s previous release “Underground Idol X Raised in R*peture: Dear Fans, I Am Sorry.”
The two stories are connected in some ways, but separate in others. All of the sex scenes are new, but they fall somewhere in between “remake” and “sequel.”

If it’s your first time, or if you purchased the previous work, we hope you enjoy this title!


Re: Underground Idol x Raised in R*peture [Nylon heart]

720p videos (1280×720 size)

Over 200 total cuts

Windows PCs capable of playing 720p videos (on Youtube, etc.) should be able to run this software without any problems, but please download the free trial beforehand to confirm compatibility.

*Windows 7 32-bit is currently not supported.

Update Information

  • 2020年06月26日その他ver.008
  • 2020年06月09日内容追加その他多言語対応!
  • 2020年04月28日不具合修正・主にウィンドウサイズ変更に伴う不具合修正。
Re: Underground Idol x Raised in R*peture