●Free DLsite Exclusive●Just Hanging Out With the Girl at the Cat Cafe [JPN, ENG, CHN ver.]

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Release dateJan/27/2020
Last updatedJun/03/2020Update Information
Voice Actor門脇舞以
AgeAll ages
Product formatVoice / ASMR
File formatWAV/ mp3同梱
MiscellaneousSimplified ChineseTraditional ChineseJapaneseEnglishDLsite Official Translation
GenreHealing Binaural ASMR Ear Cleaning
File size1.37GB

Product summary

Let an hour slip away hanging out at the cat cafe with one of its kind, gentle employees.

Binaural audio work. Please listen with earphones/ headphones.

Track List:
1) Welcome
2) A Usual Day at a Cat Cafe
3) Relaxing Ear Cleaning
4) Just Doing Nothing

Bonus Track: Welcome (with cat sounds)

MP3 (320kbps/48kHz), WAV (24bit/48kHz)

CV: Mai Kadowaki
Illustration: Oriko Sakura
Script: Tomoya Hirata (Project E.L.C)
Editing: darkSatori (Tridentworks, Inc.)

Update Information

  • 2020年06月03日内容追加英語、中国語(簡体字)字幕追加。