●DLsite専売●[ENG Ver.] Spoil Me Loli Mommy! Blissful Ear-Cleaning~

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販売日2021年03月03日 0時
ファイル形式AVI/ WAV・MP3同梱
ジャンル癒し バイノーラル/ダミヘ ASMR ロリ 耳かき 手コキ ささやき
ファイル容量総計 5.85GB



*This work contains overlapping content with [Hi-Res x KU 100 Binaural] Spoil Me Loli Mommy! Blissful Ear-Cleaning~ (RJ245899)
*This version features Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Enhanced sound quality, brought to you with a NEUMANN KU100 microphone!

With all sorts of SFX and all-new recordings, the ASMR feeling is stronger than ever!

Want to just let it all go and get spoiled by a motherly young lady…?
And maybe even, if you’re lucky… have some sex?
We’re here to make that dream come true!

It starts with ear cleaning, a massage, and some ear licking… then gets into the sexier stuff…
Her angelic whispers and nurturing care are just the medicine your soul needs!

– Loli voice x Motherly Personality x Binaural Audio!
Her sweet, innocent, and sexy voice will sweep you away to a world of gentle bliss.
Whether you want to be soothed or just want to jack off, make sure to listen!

– Fully recorded with a high-quality NEUMANN KU100 binaural microphone!
There’s plenty of ear cleaning, ear licking, and massage time… And lots of sexy sounds delivered directly to your ears!
Let mommy heal you while you listen to her wonderful whispers and breathing!

– Emi Sakura is back to voice the loli mommy!
Her whispers and gentle sex noises will make you melt all over again!
So come on and enter the loli mom’s world…!


Hina Mikuni
CV: Emi Sakura

A girl who wants to be a childcare worker in the future.
She’s kind, she’s devoted, and taking care of anyone, even an adult, is no problem for her.
She’s got a good grasp on her own maternal instincts, and always knows just what to do to delight those in her care.
If she thinks something about them is cute, she’ll be sure to praise them!

[Track List]

1) Getting Those Ears Nice and Clean While Spoiled by Mommy’s Thighs (Right ear cleaning, bonten, 26:03)

2) You Can Sweep if You’re Getting Sweepy~ (Left ear cleaning, bonten, 20:26)

3) Making Those Wittle Ears Feel Super-Duper (Ear massage, 16:03)

4) Does Your Dicky-Wicky Feel Itchy-Witchy? That’s Okay, Let’s Make it Go PEW~ (Ear licking and fap support, SFX variations)

5) I Wuv You So Much, I’LL Even Do This… (Ear licking, hug + handjob, SFX variations, 26:00)

6) Opening ~ Want to be My Baby, Mister? (16:22)

[Specs and Staff]
Total playback:
2:22:00, 7 tracks

Recorded binaurally.
We recommend listening with headphones or earphones.


Emi Sakura


Nakamichi Sagara